Path to Holiness

You did not choose me but I chose you that you should go and bear fruit, John 15:16

Jesus Christ, the Son, who is the Way to the Father calls us to follow Him more closely and consecrates us for his mission to become witnesses to His life, death and resurrection.

The call to religious life is to live the life of Christ which is chaste, poor and obedient. We at congregation of the Helpers of Mount Rosary realize that our consecration involves a life totally for God and for others.

Jesus Christ is at the centre of our apostolate and mission and constitutes its essential content. There is no apostolate and mission if the person, the teaching of Jesus Christ, and the mystery of His life, death and resurrection are not proclaimed by word and example.

Admission and Formation

The formation process brings in spiritual transformation during which we allow ourselves to open to the actions of the Holy Spirit who makes us capable of being and doing what God wants us to be and to do until we grow into the fullness of Christ. The formation ultimately aims at forming Christ in us where after we can say: “It is no longer I who live but it is Christ who lives in me.”

Phases of Formation

The formation in the institute comprises of the following phases:

A. Pre-Novitiate

B. The Novitiate

C. Religious Profession

D. Juniorate

E. Perpetual Profession

F. Ongoing Formation

A. Pre-Novitiate: This phase provides a gradual transition from lay life to the life of proper the novitiate. This phase is of two years duration and  contains aspirancy and postulancy.

B. The Novitiate: is an intense effort carried out in an environment of faith and prayer to strive for a total and continuous conversion to God. Novitiate is of two years duration. 

C. Religious Profession: The novice consecrates herself totally to God with an undivided heart by a public vow to observe evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty and obedience. 

D. Juniorate: During this period, temporarily professed sister continues, consolidates, and perfects the religious formation begun in the novitiate and obtains professional training required for apostolate.

E. Perpetual Profession: is a “unique and essential act whereby a religious is consecrated to God forever”. This act confers definitive choice of proper life expresses the total consecration, which embraces the totality of the person in all places and in all times including the future.

F. Ongoing Formation: Religious formation is a life-long process of continual growth in faith and service of God and others. 

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